Food & Drink: Why your manager should NOT be “managing” your social media.

“Right now our manager handles that, she posts great pics”

As I started to build Craft Media and our team that we now have here I was the one out selling our services and showing proof of concept. You would think with how prolific Facebook, Insta and the like are in today’s day to day life that it would be an easy sell, hardly. More often than not I would get one of two replies; my manager handles that or we don’t really see any business from Facebook.  I generally try to refrain from exploding with excitement at this point because the potential is astounding.  Having the owner or manager handle Facebook is fine if you are 100% happy with sales and have enough customers, never have a slow night and sell out all your special events, that is rare.

Being a manager of a Pub, Restaurant or Hotel etc is already a Full-Time job yet they’re now expected to cultivate business from social too? On top of managing staff, schedules, bus boys who are no-shows and customer issues they need to become professional photographers and marketing whizzes.  So at this stage the digital face of your business is filled with iPhone pics, cute memes and no more business as a result.

Our office is in Plymouth, MA a historic tourist town in Massachusetts. In the winter months local establishments rely on local residents to keep the revenue up.  We have a client here in town who had their first season without a major winter slowdown this year. I was stoked to hear this and it’s proof positive that targeted, timely and professional marketing efforts make all the difference.

Thanks to our streamlined structure and workflow we work within almost all budgets and have scaled this up from your local farm to table style bistro to full scale restaurant chains with success.  Let your management manage and watch customer service complaints go down, the experience improve and revenue go up.

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