Tier 2 Advertising is Dead. Target Your Market with Social Media.

The automotive industry is almost laughably behind the eight ball when it comes to leveraging targeted social media marketing campaigns at it’s prospective consumers.  While this not all brands (see Toyota and Mercedes at times) most are still dumping BILLIONS into television at Tier 1 and at Tier 2 billboards seem to be where folks like to throw their money away.  I get the logic (if it was 1990) as to why put cash into billboards at TV. At this stage social ads are cheap and they work, period.

Why do I think Tier 2 advertising is dead? A Tier 2 campaign can cost your network of dealers hundreds of thousands of dollars over it’s run and you’re sending far too similar a message to consumers as Tier 1 is, except thanks to the larger budgets at Tier 1 they end up with better creative where Tier 2 is something like ‘Hey come by a Ford…just do it somewhere in New England’…does this sound bizzare to anyone else too? I think honing my chops in the social space leads me to see traditional advertising as even more askew than most larger agencies who are just part of the problem.

I get it, Tier 2 is exemplifying the rising tide raises all ships motto, which is great if you like sharing the sales that could be yours.  The average consumer shopping for a car will drive 40 miles according to a recent study.  In a 40 mile range from our office there are 12 Ford Dealerships, TWELVE! If your dealership took time to build an online identity by telling your story, telling individual stories and demonstrating your mission you would have a massive advantage over your peers that rely largely on the Tier 2 efforts. Even the largest Independent Auto groups in New England (Boch, Herb Chambers, Prime etc) do not invest enough in social ads and running string campaigns coupled with any sort of narrative.  Consumers want to identify with your brand which is what comes at Tier 1 to me it’s up to Tier 3 advertisements to bring folks into the sales floor and close the sale.  Tier 2 is dead.

Consumers  are very informed on price when they walk on the floor or send you an online inquiry, you need to add value and make them FEEL that giving your dealership their money is not only a smart financial move but a move that will have impact. All of these objectives can be met through targeted and creative social media advertising. Let us help you tell the story of your brand and separate you from the pack. If your dealership is looking to step outside the box and become more prolific in your space and to your consumers send us an email and let’s arrange a meeting.

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