Why did I start a Marketing Company?

The truth is there never really was a time that made a decision to start this. While it may seem from the outside this is a new endeavour Craft Media, Inc is actually far from new. I began organizing events in 2012, it started with what at the time was one of the first road races to involve partnering with a craft brewery and offer runners a post-race beer. That event quickly became an annual success and other events popped up as I noticed holes in the local market. After six years and many events including large craft beer fests, food festivals, Wine Expos and smaller high dollar dinners one thing became apparent; I was good at selling.

This was not news to me, I come from a successful Sales & Marketing role in healthcare services. I always hit my quota and hit bonus, there was no other way to operate for me. My knack became apparent to local businesses who struggled to be consistent and put out high quality original content on their social channels. They did understand how to target the right consumer with their ad using Facebook Ads or Instagram paid promotions, I do.

At this point Craft Media Inc was born out of what was HopHead Events, LLC, my event company. We have clients in a wide array of industries. I attend the marketing meetings for most of them and provide insight into consumer behavior and we work on promotional campaigns and branding together. I love it.

I struggle with being a somewhat smaller agency in some ways. I am surrounded by wannabees and fakes that have no passion for the end game. They offer very little and are a product of the entrepreneurial craze that hopefully is over soon. Being the leader is not for everyone that is for sure. Many of the folks as Gary Vaynerchuck would say would make amazing VPs, Managers or just kick ass employees. I suppose Darwinism will grab them and we can continue our rise to the top.



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