Why does my Restaurant need Social Media Marketing?

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5 Reasons Restaurants Need Social Media Marketing

Social media exactly what it sounds like, it’s a virtual social scene that is not going anywhere. Many folks including myself have built their livelihoods on it. Long gone are the days when families huddle around a TV, open the morning newspaper or scan a regional magazine.  Most folks wake up, roll over and grab their device and start the scroll. You can play the game and get in their head and reap the rewards or sit back and miss out.

Here are five reasons your restaurant needs professional social media management;

  • Social media marketing is cost effective; we can reach MORE customers for less money than with any other platform. (!)
  • Social media marketing is interactive ; there is one thing print, radio, TV and others do not have – ENGAGEMENT. You can interact with your customers, reply in real time to their review, do live demos to your audience, run contests and DRIVE PEOPLE IN THE DOOR.
  • There is real opportunity;  many restaurants have poor strategy when it comes to marketing via their social media platforms. Their Facebook accounts are dormant, they do not utilize SEO techniques in their posts, and they do not know their audience. We have case studies of our clients who were otherwise successful and in the black who brought us on and watched engagement increase and all of their off nights where they had to previously run promos or bring in outside entertainment would get busier. It’s all about the long term commitment to telling your story.
  • Bolsters your brand; at this stage I between running food festivals and managing this agency as it grows I have met with many Chefs/Owners and every once in a while I hear “but I don’t think I need this”, “I am pretty busy most of the time” From one business owner to another I have NEVER met one who doesn’t want MORE. You want to be busy everyday and every season. The opportunities to expand when you have brand capital are endless. That brand capital is only built on the public’s perception, remember that.
  • No wasted advertising dollars; you can tell the guy hawking the beer glass with 500 names on it to take a hike, the nice lady selling radio ads that reach a whole bunch of people who will never step foot in your doors and the regional magazine that no one reads,  BYE BYE. With social media management you can drill down and target customers, we can find tourists and ping ads right on their device. We can create and promote events on social that cater to their likes and continue with our main goal as a marketing agency – to create and then cultivate loyalty.

If you are a restaurant and feel that your social media marketing lacks strategy, professionalism, or is being utilized improperly. If you are making your manager “run” your social media – do him/her a favor. Those terrible pics are just getting a lot of odd stares from most folks. If you are not using professional food photography, leveraging both organic and targeted paid original content then I know you are missing out. Please reach out to us via this site or give us a call and let’s arrange a meeting and I can share results from others in your industry.




Steven Hall