Let’s talk about bad (and great) Real Estate Photography

As you may know we got started in this world on content creation and digital marketing very organically; by selling out all our events. Part of that formula is utilizing great imagery, great relationships and just flat out understanding human attention.

There are certain industries we have a larger clientele in and one of those is high end real estate. When we entered this market competitive as a one man show back in the day it was easier in a way. Not many folks had the gear and even less had an understanding of how complicated it can be to shoot interiors. Fast forward to now and the latter has not changed at all however the former…well that’s a touch different. With the evolution of better, faster and more powerful cameras often in smaller form factors there is a large contingent that has proclaimed themselves a photographer. This is 100% well and good if you’re in it for the art, understand perspective, composition and light. I am not here to bash on enthusiasts or people trying to get into the industry, I just want to show their are TONS of great photographers and even more terrible ones.

Some common poor practices with Real Estate Photography that will limit appeal are;

  • Super Wide Angle – using a smartphone or even worse a GoPro type camera will give you an unrealistic view of the room. Also folks shooting DSLR who use anything wider than a 16mm on a full frame camera will have distorted photos that very often leave the house shopper disappointed when they see the property in person.
  • Over/Under Exposed – Photography 101 but you will often see a very dark photo that has terribly underexposed area and perhaps one properly exposed area. On the other end of the spectrum and more common is a photographer using a longer exposure time to try and expose properly but end up with blown highlights.
  • OVER SATURATION – This one is in all caps because it’s by biggest pet peeve. If you see hyper green grass and a blue sky that looks like the apocalypse is coming you know you have an inexperienced photographer on your hand. Too much is well, too much. Relax with the photoshop! A proper photo needs little post production.


We integrate excellent photography practice into our work as well as what we have learned from dealing with tens of thousands of customers at this point and that is how humans think. Our photographs make the viewer consider it longer and if they’re a shopper they become intrigued and move along in the sales funnel.


Interested? Even our most basic package is affordable and includes interior, exterior and aerial for one low price and a fast turnaround. Shoot me an email steve@craftmediainc.com